Company Overview

We are an experienced team of finance professionals providing a variety of services to a number of clients, ranging in size from start-ups through to fully listed companies quoted on the London Stock Exchange and NASDAQ.

Our team of professionals has a wealth of experience across a number of sectors, enabling us to provide an efficient service and bring relevant experience to most organisations to support their strategic requirements.

We also work closely with a group of private investors who often supply equity and debt funding to our clients.

Howard Scott Mckinley services continue to expand and can be found throughout the UK.

Our Vision

Our vision is to help small to medium sized organisations achieve their potential. We believe this is best achieved by providing the managers and owners of businesses with as much support as required, and by giving each of our Finance Directors the support they need to ensure they can focus on what really matters.

We believe the main role of the Finance Director is to help businesses to manage the competing demands within their business between: risk, cash, profit, growth and strategy. Each decision a business makes can affect each of these areas differently and we believe it is the role of the Finance Director to furnish the managers of a business with the tools to make the right decisions. However, many Finance Directors get swamped by issues around compliance, information provision and cash flow management and therefore struggle to contribute fully to the aspirations of their business.

Our History

Howard Scott Mckinley & Co was set up in 2011, by Scott Harrington. His previous experience was in corporate finance with both Deloitte and BDO, however, after a stint as an interim Finance Director for an AIM listed company, he felt that a career as an interim finance professional was right for him.

The reasons for this were many but mainly inspired by the flexibility and most definitely the ability to play golf on a more regular basis. Unfortunately for Scott, this did not last long and he soon had far too much work, as such the business accidentally grew in size from a one-man band to four people within a few years. Long gone were the golf days!

It was clear that a growth strategy was required, so after a lengthy strategy meeting, the current partnership was born.

At this strategy meeting, the employees discussed what it was that professionals liked and disliked about interim work. The key factors people seemed to like about interim work were the flexibility, challenge, and variety, being the master of one’s own destiny was also a key factor, however, always with an upside there are downsides, mainly, the flow of work.

We have found that the best way of generating business is by referral, however, this requires networks to be maintained, not always easy when you are not a born salesman. Therefore, it was felt that a network structure would be the most beneficial. This involves bringing together a number of like-minded people, with a diverse but related set of skills who can refer work to each other knowing that the person you are referring work to has the necessary skills and resource to perform the work to the high degree that brand maintenance requires.

So, the above history brings us to where we are today. A team with a diverse range of skills and expertise, all with a common goal – to provide expert and considered finance resources to SMEs.

How can we help you?

Contact us at the Howard Scott Mckinley & Co office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.