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Trade receivables finance
Operating in the dynamic import and export business is full of financial and regulatory hurdles. Whether a financial institution, small and medium-sized enterprise (SME), or a large corporate, you will likely need specialized assistance to navigate the ins and outs of your international trade transactions. Howard Scott Mckinley & Co’s vast global network and specialized consultants will assist you with financing, settling, and mitigating any number of risks you may encounter in this business.

We have a specific focus on our clients’ individual needs, which allows you to rely on the expertise of a renowned and trusted bank as your financial partner. Take the opportunity to benefit directly from our proven experience and financial expertise by letting us know how we can help you.
High quality solutions to global clients
Advising and confirming letters of credit
Specialized teams advising on structuring transactions

When you have a growth opportunity, you don’t have time to wait for customers to pay their invoices. Accounts receivable financing, or factoring, can accelerate your cash flow cycle. By selling your outstanding invoices or receivables to Howard Scott Mckinley & Co, you can generate cash almost immediately instead of waiting the usual 30, 60 or 90 days.

Purchase order financing, also known as P.O. Financing, is a way for you take advantage of sudden large orders from existing or new customers regardless of your current cash situation. Using the strength of your orders, Howard Scott Mckinley & Co helps you purchase product for delivery of pre-sold goods.

Asset-based lending is a form of secured lending that is based principally on the quality and value of accounts receivable due from customers around the globe. Use funds for bank debt refinancing, working capital, growth strategies, acquisitions, shareholder or management buyouts, or recapitalizing your balance sheet.

Supply chain financing, or supplier credit, optimizes cash flow by allowing companies to lengthen their payment terms to their suppliers, and/or providing the option for their suppliers to get paid early. The buyer optimizes working capital, and the supplier generates additional operating cash flow, thus minimizing risk across the supply chain.

Fast Import Transfers-
E-Banking “fast import payments” service will allow you to make import payments and FX transfers to all around the World with quickest way.

You can use previously saved details of suppliers in order to make new payments to same company. All international outgoing transfers to several suppliers can be affected by sharing an electronic file through Internet Banking or FTP channel.

Monitoring Import and Export Files
You can monitor and print out DAB, DSB, TTB and debit advices related with invisible transactions, custom declaration information; custom letters, LG’s related with custom declarations and Bills of Exchange.

Foreign Trade Cash Flow
You can monitor your Foreign Trade Cash flow, import payments and export receivables, which are shown on the calendar and get report of each transaction on the reference basis.

Global Account Management
You can monitor balance and movements of your accounts held with all local and international banks by using HSM Banking Global Account Management menu. This tool will bring effectiveness and time management to your cash management processes.

Access to Swift Messages
You can monitor incoming and outgoing transfers to/from your account, swift messages related with import & export LC’s through HSM Interface. Swift messages can be forwarded to you by e-mail if you wish so.

Tracing of Sent Documents
You can track status of your export documents which you have delivered to our bank on the tracking system of the courier company by using HSM Interface. Tracking information can be sent to you via e-mail if you wish so.

Manufacturer Account Monitoring
If you are a manufacturer and using an export company as an intermediary, you can monitor your export proceeds as soon as credited to accounts of that company.

Issuing LC Application Form
LC issuance application forms can be filled and submitted through the HSM platform. These forms can be saved to archive in order to be used in future transactions. Statues of LC issuance process can be monitored on this web platform.

Custom Tax Payment and Printing Custom Tax Payment Advice
You can pay your custom taxes and print the payment advices out from HSM Interface or collect the original documents.

Payment Instruction From Abroad
If you are a part of multinational organization and your head office is located in abroad, with “Payment Instruction from Abroad tool”, you can send local & cross border payment instructions to HSM by using HSM and third party electronic payment systems.

Other Electronic Banking Services

Incoming Export Proceeds
We will be informing you via e-mail when export proceeds are credited to your accounts.

Confirmed Export LC’s
You will be notified by e-mail whenever our confirmation is added to your export LC’s.

Notification of your account movements through Swift

Your account movements can be sent to your swift address. (With MT 940 daily, MT942 instantly) We can also send these movements as electronic file if you want them to be integrated with your accounting system.

Global securities finance
The Global Securities Finance (GSF) team has a proven track record of delivering our clients’ exceptional service, reliability, and ‘one-stop’ security finance solutions. As a top tier global financial institution, Howard Scott Mckinley can offer highly competitive financing levels and trading structures.

Howard Scott Mckinley & Co GSF’s added value
Market access: Howard Scott Mckinley & Co global footprint and local market knowledge is there to offer you access to both developed and emerging markets
Flexibility: Howard Scott Mckinley & Co can structure securities financing instruments to suit your requirements
Currency: Cross currency products increase the elasticity of Howard Scott Mckinley & Co product range (FX capable)
Leverage: Returns can be enhanced by financing on margin
Client statements: Howard Scott Mckinley & Co provides clear and concise online statements covering ‘up to date’ client positions.

Synthetic portfolio solutions (SPS)
Synthetic portfolio solutions is a group of products that individually, or designed as a custom package, enable a client to gain exposure to the performance of particular security, index, or custom basket of equities. The specific financial products within SPS include, but are not limited to:
Portfolio swap
Contract for differences (CFD)
Total return swap.

Equity lending and repo (ELR)
Equity lending involves the lending of an equity position to a borrower versus some form of collateral at an agreed upon margin and interest rate for the term of the loan. The primary motivation behind equity lending is a desire by the borrower to acquire a specific security in order to cover a market short position. The rate paid by the borrower for the stock is dependent upon the demand for the particular security. The owner/lender of the shares maintains ownership of the shares, and is entitled to receive substitute payments on all corporate actions that transpire during the course of the loan.
However, the lender does pass voting rights to the borrower of the stock for the duration of the loan. The lender maintains the right to ‘recall’ the stock loan at any time – in the event of a recall, the borrower is required to return the shares to the lender on or before the standard settlement for the country in which the equity trades. Equity lending structures can also be used for short term financing of long holdings. All of the obligations are documented under market standard documentation (GMSLA). Repo structures (see below) can also be employed for equity business using a GMRA.

Fixed income repo (FIR)
Repurchase agreements, commonly referred to as ‘repos’, are contracts involving the simultaneous sale and future repurchase of an asset. The buyer in effect lends the seller money for the fixed period of the agreement, and the terms of the agreement are structured to compensate the buyer. The seller agrees to buy back the asset at the same price at which they sold it on the future repurchase date. This buy and sell represents a temporary transfer of ownership. The seller pays the buyer interest on the implicit loan created by the transaction.

Linear equity derivatives (LED)
These are typically traded over-the-counter where the underlying asset can be a single stock, a basket of stocks or an equity index. The product at a basic level enables the client to gain long or short exposure to the underlying asset, which offers many advantages to trading in the physical securities. The specific products within LED include, but are not limited to:
Total return swap
Price return swap
Basket swap
Single stock futures
Options reversals and conversions.

Please note that Howard Scott Mckinley & Co does not have a banking license in the US and is therefore not permitted to conduct banking activities in the US. Outside U.S Howard Scott Mckinley & Co offers a full array of wholesale financial products such as Third Party lending, corporate finance and a full range of financial markets products and services to its corporate and institutional clients.

Financial institutions trade finance
Trade finance services have enjoyed a prominent position within Howard Scott Mckinley ever since we laid the foundations of our extensive banking network. We believe in the necessity of qualified trade finance experts who can provide consistent and trustworthy service to financial institutions and continue to develop of a range of high quality products.

In today’s global economy companies seek a partner who can support them in their expanding business. With Howard Scott Mckinley & Co you can facilitate your client’s global business activities.

We provide financial institutions with the following trade finance products at competitive pricing:
Letter of Credit advising and confirmation
Documentary collections
Bank guarantees and Standby Letters of Credit
FI trade Lending
Risk participation


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